October 18, 2010

Magical Monday - Tag

This week over at the Paper Cupcakes Challenge blog, Dru Cabral brings us this weeks challenge. She wants us to make a tag of any kind, free range. I personally love making tags, but some people find it challenging because of the space. I made two; an Autumn one and a Christmas one.

The Autumn one I used the image "Pumpkin Cupcake" from Paper Cupcakes and colored it with my Bic-Mark-its and then added some stickles and cut it out. I embossed the background and then added the floral rub-ons added a folded paper strip and a layered flower. I added copper stickles and the folded paper, flower and the edges of the tag. Stamped my sentiment and added the coppery metallic ribbon, some soft fiber and a little leaf. Really pretty quick and easy peasy!

For my Christmas tag I used the image "Holiday Cheer" by Paper Cupcakes. I colored it with my Bic Mark-its as well. I messed her eyes up. I didn't mean to make them all black, but I started talking to Avery and ended up coloring them all black and oh well, so I attempted to fix them with my souffle pens, but now she looks a little odd, but I didn't feel like doing it all over, so it is what it is. I stamped my sentiment, I believe it was one of those you get for a dollar somewhere. I added stickles to the image and punched out my snowflakes from a glitter stack and added jewels to them. The flower, present and candy were out of an opened packet of stickers I had opened. I added pink and purple fibers and added a red bow with a snowflake on that and called it compete. I really like both my tags, well, my owls eyes I am not so pleased with, but let's just write it off as an "oops, I wasn't paying that close attention to my detail at the moment". Sorry about the top two pics being kind of gloomy and dark, but that is because I ended up retaking the pics after I fixed the eyes and it was ummm like 10:00PM and the first ones prior to fixing the eyes I took outside with the natural sunlight.

I believe we are finally passed all the flu! Thank goodness 4 weeks of that stuff is just TOO much. Although now some of this allergy/hey fever stuff has kicked in for me and Avery's asthma. Although, I must say today (Sunday) has been the best I have felt in a long time over this past 4-5 weeks. So I am hoping for a good week!

Well, I would tell you to have yourself a Merry Little Christmas if it was closer to Christmas, but it isn't, so have yourself a merry week, find some joy and count your blessings.