December 29, 2008

Abby Dog

Here is a picture I did in color pencil many years back after loosing my Abby dog. She was my first dog and she lived for I think about 17/18 years, I thought she was 13 years for like 4-5 years!! LOL This is actual 5 different photos of her done in an age progression type series/layout. The top left one is when she was a young pup and as you move around the picture from left to bottom left to right to center to top right she ages with the oldest one being the top right side one. That is more of how she looked prior to loosing her. I did this shortly after she passed. I added the white poppies because I love that flower and did them white because I thought the orange would be too vibrant for the picture and I wanted the main focus to be on her. I only wish I could go and take out the top middle poppy. I just don't like it there, but you just can't go back and erase color pencil. Other than that I love this picture of her and I especially love the bottom right pic of her looking up at me!! She was such a sweet natured doggie and I soo still miss her. Just thought since I posted that painting I would post this. Morgan took this pic with her new camera and I have never really had a good photograph of this drawing.


Jessica said...

Wow, this is an amazing portrait! I found you through Splitcoaststampers on your post regarding making your own stamps. I hope you find a way especially if all your stamps are as cute as these dogs! We could really use some good cats stamps, too. It seems cats are harder to draw than dogs, because I have found very few good ones out there. Good luck!