April 24, 2009

Blast from the past... LOL

Well, I am slowly starting to feel back to myself. With Rachel about to graduate there is a lot to plan and to accomplish with the senior stuff and college plans, so my creative flow seems to have come to a halt for the moment. So, I thought since my last few posts have not been paper related, I thought I would post some of my work that I did prior to starting my blog. These are a few of my favorite layout's and are not on my blog, well, maybe in my slide show, but thought I would post something scrappy. So enjoy and hopefully I will get a few challenges done by months end!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look...

April 20, 2009

Well, I have been feeling really sicky this past week. Since last Tuesday night to be exact. Started feeling better on Saturday, so I took Rachel out to take some pics of her for her senior pic. She was open to me taking them, so I told her if they turned out totally suckie, we would hire someone to take them for her. I think they have turned out not so bad since I am just her mom! She didn't even want to get any taken at all from anyone, but I certainly wanted some. I think that is why she was open to me taking them. Well, here a few of ump-teen million of them. I have messed around with these in my photo programs.. so we will see.... These first 7-9 shots are kind of goof-offs... she was soo funny she stated that she sure was hugging a lot of wood that day... and then on the steps she was all stretched out there and then rolled off and scrapped her elbow!! We had a lot of fun and then I got REALLY sick that evening and sunday I spent all day in bed.... today I feel gloomy and achie... but anyway, here are some of the pics... now remember I also don't have a super duper professional kind of camera, just a good kodak
The goof-offs:

The more serious: