May 14, 2009

My dinning room wall mural is

FINALLY finished.... ok.. this mural has been in the works WAY too long.. but what can I say... slacker I tell you. With Rachel's Open House coming up next week it really inspired me to just finish it so I can enjoy it. Of course I will look at it and see things I may need to tweak, but hey that is ok and I know it is just me, but I tell you it feels SOOO good to finally have this finished. It's rainy out so trying to get a good picture. Also I can't take a straight on without someone here to lift the light fixture so when I get one of those I will post. This is the best I could do this morning.... This is painted mostly in wall paints with some acrylics. I will seal with a clear sealer. The sky actually has more color in it but why it is not showing it is beyond me, just must be the lighting this morning. My kitchen is a Tuscany style. The one thing you might fine interesting in this mural is that there is actually real terracotta tile on my wall at the front of the mural and then I painted the top part of the wall in paint to look like the top of a wall as if you were standing on the other side looking out over this view. Hope that makes sense to you. I myself am in awe at how well the colors match and look to be all the same , but one is real tile and the top part that is about 3 inches it paint! I would say the second picture down is the one more true to color. SOOO just wanted to celebrate a bit!! Thanks for bloggin by....and leave me a note of cheer and let me know what you think, I sure could use a celebration with others!!

(ok.. if you just read all of that, these pictures are now are all different.. LOL.. but better then what was there before. These are all much more the true color and Morgan held the light fixture up for me to get a more straight on shot!)

Have an artsie kind of day!

May 12, 2009

Purse Gift Card Holder

Here is a cute little purse gift card holder that I made. I got the template from Helen's blog. Click here if you would like one too. I found this just at the right time, these little purses are quick and easy and awe soooo fun to make. Just look how cute they are too. I made this one with a matching mini thank you card to slip inside the purse with the gift card. It is for my son's speech teacher. So, blog on over to Helen's blog she has lots of cute things over there and you will love her work. Thanks for stopping by and now back to painting my mural!

Have a great day!