February 28, 2011

Magical Monday - Color Challenge

Well, we got some more snow at the end of last week and it has been warm enough these last few days that it is now almost gone again. I am certainly ready for the spring flowers, warmer air and some warm sunshine on my shoulders! So, when Pat Pedder brought us this spring color challenge this week I immediately wanted to color some spring flowers! So, I chose these two tulips images by Paper Cupcakes "Tulip Bunch" and "Tulips in Bottles". The colors that Pat wanted us to use was "yellow, green & blue". I really liked this combination and would have loved to have made a few more cards, but when I wait until Sunday evening to make them time just runs out quickly

I colored my images with my colored pencils, because I love the softness that it brings to the image. The boarder punch is Fiskers. I wish that punches printed their design name on the punch itself to make it easy to identify so I could just look at my punch and tell you the name. Without looking it up I can't tell you, but I love this one and it sure looks pretty in this springy yellow. These were pretty simple designs, but I really liked how they turned out. Plus, I will be mailing them out tomorrow to a couple of my friends so I tried to keep the bulk down for a less bulky mail. My tiny butterflies are punched as well. I would consider these cards clean and simple and certainly springy. Just looking at them makes my heart a little lighter knowing spring is just around the corner!

My green in the green bottle turned out a little brighter then I had wanted it. I accidentally picked up the wrong green which was a little more bright. I went back over it with the green I originally wanted, but it did not tone it down so much. Oh well, I still think the card is pretty!

I really loved this color combo and enjoyed making my cards tonight even though it always feels like I am working a deadline. Well, I am looking forward to this week. No basketball/cheer. Is that awful of me? Just need a break is all and and would like to have some of my weekends back too, even if it is just for a short time! My birthday is also this week; Saturday. I am helping my sister move then on to an overnight date with my dear husband! I turn the big 50 and to be honest it doesn't bother me a bit. Life is good for the most part so I will just rejoice in it for now!