April 12, 2010

Color Combo Challenge

This week's challenge over at TMITA/PCC is brought to us by Nilla Berglie. She asked us to use colors blue, green and white as the main theme for our project. I started making my project at 10:30PM tonight and it is now 11:40PM and needless to say I am past ready to go to bed. I had the large chocolate bar that I bought myself for Easter, but have not gotten around to eating it, so I decided to make it into a treat for someone else and save myself from absorbing the calories! Of course this was a fairly easy and quick project to do and I also thought it turned out cute and I will have it on hand for a upcoming treat for a friend or to go with a birthday gift for one of my kids. OR maybe I will slide off the wrapper really nicely and set it aside and eat the chocolate THEN just purchase another one and slide it back on when I need it! So, what would you do???? :O)

OK.. off to bed with me now! Maybe I will dream of eating my chocolate bar in my sleep then I won't have the urge to eat it tomorrow!