April 20, 2009

Well, I have been feeling really sicky this past week. Since last Tuesday night to be exact. Started feeling better on Saturday, so I took Rachel out to take some pics of her for her senior pic. She was open to me taking them, so I told her if they turned out totally suckie, we would hire someone to take them for her. I think they have turned out not so bad since I am just her mom! She didn't even want to get any taken at all from anyone, but I certainly wanted some. I think that is why she was open to me taking them. Well, here a few of ump-teen million of them. I have messed around with these in my photo programs.. so we will see.... These first 7-9 shots are kind of goof-offs... she was soo funny she stated that she sure was hugging a lot of wood that day... and then on the steps she was all stretched out there and then rolled off and scrapped her elbow!! We had a lot of fun and then I got REALLY sick that evening and sunday I spent all day in bed.... today I feel gloomy and achie... but anyway, here are some of the pics... now remember I also don't have a super duper professional kind of camera, just a good kodak
The goof-offs:

The more serious:



Ami said...

Wow, Nina, those look amazing!! She is so beautiful! Love all the fun poses and faces she was making! These are gorgeous senior pics for her (and you!) to always treasure!

Curt in Carmel said...

Hey Nina! She is beautiful! And your certainly caught her personality in these shots. I can tell she has a wonderful sense of humor. My favorite shot is the one that is 12th from the top. What a great natural shot of her. Really captures her gorgeouse face! Thanks for sharing these. She seems like a really great kid! Best, Curt

Edytheanne said...

This is something I will be doing this week too. You gave me some good ideas for poses. Your daughter is cute as can be. I'll be snapping a granddaughter.
Also, thanks for the link. I put you on my blogroll too.

Schmoopy said...

Great pictures!! By the way, what do you use to add the "Rachel 2009" in the bottom corners ?

-Cathy Hammer (aka Kate (Schmoopy's mom)