February 28, 2009

BE Morgan (using a masking technique)

This lo was done for the ETG Feb. Challenge which was TECHNIQUE - MASKING.

This is something that really interests Laura and she had us try masking. Wanted us to do something unique and not sure how unique my idea was butt, I did mask. We could have used any medium we liked, ink, paint.. etc and I used different colored inks.

I started off with this huge pic of my youngest dd and thought since she/the photo was missing the top of her head I would have these "thoughts" floating out of it... LOL.. now not sure if I accomplished this or not but I cut some flowers, hearts and stars using my cricut george cartridge and then I masked with them using my inks. you can see that my shapes are more true to the cs color but with all my doodling they don't look as masked at they did in the beginning stages, but that is ok, because I really liked how this lo turned out. It is soo morgan too. This really was a simply and fairly fast lo too. Good thing since this was the last day to upload for the challenge. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to see if you can pull if off... LOL... Rachel my oldest dd took this pic of her sister... I am starting to think that Rachel truly has hidden talents in her photography skills and she seems to be able to catch a lot in a photo. I simply loved this photo of morgan, she looks sweet with a bit of mischievous shining in her eyes... kwim? LOL... yep.. certainly morgan!

This is a closer look at the doodling and masking... but with all the doodling it is kind of hard to see the masking now!


Jenny said...

I think You have done a great job on the masking.
OH and I have to say that Morgan is beautiful:-)
Love the page!

Live it - Scrap it! said...

Wow, this is great. Very well done! From Nilla