March 7, 2009

Sour Cream Container

Want something fun to add to your Easter Baskets or give to your teachers or classmates? Well, these are perfect little treats you can personalize. I made the one in the picture for a Teacher's Appreciation dinner (which I think are a bit boring) and had them sitting at each of the place settings. Now can you see these with really cute paper! This one is pretty plain per the paper, but I used the fish paper because it was a Christian school and thought it was perfect.

These are super easy!! Just use a piece of 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 piece of card stock or pattern paper. I used pattern paper. Or you can stamp your paper or you might even have scraps this size! Some people use adhesive I personally used Aleene's tacky glue. I use this glue because it dries so quickly and it is easily found anywhere. SOO... you place whatever you want to adhere this with across the bottom of one long ends (5 1/2 side). Since I used the glue I just rolled this over and stuck a finger in both openings and held it for a few seconds and then it looked like a empty toilet paper roll. Next add your sticky strip or glue along one short side which is now the end of the tube (4 1/2). If you are using adhesive place your adhesive down the same time you place your long strip down which will make it a bit easier for you and then roll into a round tube shape and adhere. I used glue so I added my glue to one end after I made the tube and then squeezed the end that has the adhesive/glue on it together. Place the closed end into your crimper and roll up and back three to four times. Add your candy, then turn your container the opposite direction, squeeze that end together and run in through the crimper. Punch two holes in that end, run ribbon through. Punch out a a flower or tag or whatever you want to add and punch a hole in whatever you are adding and run both ends of your ribbon through the holes in your punchout and then tie in a knot or bow. Your container is closed nicely and the recipient can get the candy out without destroying the pouch.

I also did the round text in Word under the word art, bet you didn't know you could do that, did you? So if you want to try it out you open word. From the file menu select Insert>Picture>Word Art. You will then see the word art box. First row, third icon is an arc. Select it. Click ok and you will see the words "your text here". Change the font to whatever you want and type the text you want. Click ok. It will now appear on the page. Highlight your phrase by clicking on it once. Then click on the WORD ART SHAPE icon. It is the blue A tilted slightly, in my progran this appears at the botton of the screen, left side, you may also have a little "abc" instead of the slanted A. click that then select the cirle. It appears flat but just grab a handle and stretch it out to a circle. I found that I had to print it off first to make sure it was as round as I wanted it. I printed off a sheet of these and then used my larger punch to punch them and added them to the center of my punched out flower, which was a whale of a punch one. Have fun and hope this works for you.

Thanks for visiting today!! Hope you all get to craft this weekend!!


MindyRadio said...

Ninay, I have not seen those before. It is so cute. I may have to give those a try. Thanks for the instructions.