April 28, 2009

Did you know.....

that I also do fine art? Well, I don't seem to do much these days (life just seems to busy with other things), but if you have ever taken the time to read my profile you will have read that I paint and draw. My choice of paint is watercolor and I love to draw in color pencil. Plus, people have actually paid me to draw and paint on their walls!! Now, my mom would have never allowed me get away with that while living at home when I was younger, but now a days, she just might allow me to do so! So, since my days are so extra full right now and I have not had much time to paper craft with layouts or too many cards or projects I thought while this was going on I would post some things that I have done PTHAB (prior to having a blog). Sooooo.... I thought I would give you a little art show... or also known as Designs by Nina... aka my fine art. So, let's pretend you have a glass of fine wine in one hand, a small plate of yummy food in the other and you are walking around having fine conversation in this art gallery at one of my shows!! LOL...

I am going to start you off with a commissioned painting of the the top part of a building known as the old Chrysler Building that was down town and closed shortly after I painted this. An employee commissioned me to paint this to be auctioned off at an event for Chrysler, but once he seen it he just paid me for it and kept it for himself, because his whole lively hood was spent there working and now it was no more.

This is a painting I did this past Christmas for a friends daughter that wanted to give it to her parents for Christmas. This is a picture of her and her brother when they were younger. She is now 18 and I am guessing him to be 20. I usually hate to do people, but when you do people that are close to your heart, that is a different story, you feel them as you paint them. Can't really explain it, but that is the best I can say about that.

This painting is quite old, but one of my favorites and not my usual watercolor. It is more about design and color. I just love it.

This here is my all time favorite animal portrait that I have ever done. It is in color pencil, my favorite choice medium to do animal portraits in. This will show all you card makers and stampers how wonderful color pencils can truly be!! I take them quite seriously!! :O)

That was just a sample of some of my picturious things. So now do you wanna see a sample of my murals? Ya, so.. was that a yes?! Well, I am glad so here ya go... this first pic is a knight I did in a little boy's bedroom. He probably stands a good
5'4" would be my guess... isn't he just wonderful!?!

Now, I have done many more murals, but I am going to stop with a few from this one, because it is now 12:49AM and I need to go to bed!! UGH.... These pictures come from a mural that measured 37 feet long and 10 feet high. It was a scene from a jungle. These 2 are my favorite animals in the whole scene. Plus my elephant was awesome and I just loved it and still do and it was BIG which made it even better! These were painted mostly with wall paints and then it was sealed.

Thanks for coming to my art show today and visiting me and having a cyber glass of wine, plate of yummy food and good conversation with me... please come back and visit and I look forward to seeing you then....


Elizabeth said...

OMG!!!! I am just blown away you are a very gifted and talented person Nina I am so glad to have you as my friend. P.S. Guess What? I won the H~M challenge for week #34. Have a great day. Hugs XXX Beth

magic boxes said...

WOW!!! Nina these are stunning.

With a talent like this you HAVE to make more time. I love them all but my mind is particularly reeling with the tropical - how wonderful it would be to have my bedroom walls with these scenes and go to sleep each night in the Jungle!

Elaine x