April 29, 2009


I found this to be soo creative and really just enjoyed the creativity of it and the music. So if you haven't seen it before make sure you watch it, very inventive! It's a great way to start my day! ENJOY

Fun Facts:
* The video was shot all stills - roughly 3225 still photos for the entire video, using one camera, hanging from the ceiling for the main body of the movie.
* It took 4 weeks before shooting to create an animated computer generated storyboard for the video, with 3d dummies for the characters.
* It took only 2 days of shooting for the live actors on set to re-create the 3.5 minutes computer sequence, frame by frame.
* Some of the bed sheets used in the video were taken from Oren’s own bedroom and are now considered collectors items, worth at the moment not very much and therefore used as bed sheets.



Elizabeth said...

WOW!!! This was so neat I love it! Hugs XXX Beth

magic boxes said...

AMAZING!!! - how clever and so creative. Thank you for sharing this!

Hope you're feeling a bit better.

Elaine x