April 13, 2009

Yes, another domino piece

What can I say? I LOVE making these!! Back in Feb. (I think) I had a post that referenced placing the same paragraph on your blog and offer the same thing and I would make you a piece of handmade something.. LOL... I believe I only had two people that actually posted it on their blog so I made them both each a domino piece. This was the second one I just made and sent out. The other one I posted was with several of the others ones. I made the other one to match Jenn's purse which was very cool and posted on her blog. It was a lot of fun to make them and I hope they enjoyed them. Oh don't worry I will be making more and like I promised when I have time sometime, I will post how I do it.. ugh.. just finding the time... but I am super busy right now getting some other exciting things together and I can't wait till I am past the "small details" of some of this stuff and then I will be back to let the world know what I am doing!! hehehe... I hope you will be soo excited, I know I am!! Thanks for stopping by and I will catch you all later!!


MindyRadio said...

Nina, I just came from Lynn's blog and she had it posted to come visit your blog. Which I already do. :) I love to link you in my blog. But I don't have one....lol