June 6, 2009

Blog Award

Well, I wish y'all could have seen my smile when Helen told me she gave me a blog award! Needless to say I was a bit surprised and excited at the same time!! I have been blogging for just over a year now, mainly just for myself and to share things so it is exciting not only to receive luvins and comments when people pass by, but to get an award from someone who is very talented and thinks the same as you! I have been blog hopping for this whole time too and just truly am at awe the talents that really float about out in cyber space. I use to always think I was talented in the artsy kind of way, but then you enter this cyber world and realize that God gave A LOT of people these talents and then all of a sudden you feel so small in your own talent, well, that is how I feel at times anyway. Helen, from Scrap A little gave me this butterfly award, the same one she was presented with just the other day also so check out her blog as well, lovely stuff there I say, so I feel honored and privileged not only to receive this, but to pass it on to 3 other bloggers. I must admit there are soo many wonderful bloggers out there that I am not doing this award justice by just 3 people, see my "places I love to hang"? They all deserve it and the places I follow that may not be linked there as well... so with that all said and done... I am passing this on to....

Beth - Wind Walker Altered Arts Beth is a wonderful card maker and has lots of beautiful stuff going on there. She just was accepted as a guest designer over at "The Next Level" and she also has a blog candy give away going on right now... so go check her out!

Ami - Basically Ami - Ami, has a very distinct style of scrapping I think. She does beautiful collage type layouts and cards... I just love her stuff and I am sure you will too, so go check it out... she also joined the "Scrap n Art" zine team.

Cora of Clearly Vintage has a great blog for free vintage images and she also has a line of stamps that she sales on Etsy. So, I don't think you will be disappointed by checking out her blog so hurry on over!


Ami said...

Aw, Nina, I feel so honored to receive your blog award!! Thank you so much! It means so much coming from someone as talented as you. And you should never feel "small" in your talent! You inspire me constantly, and I know I am by far not the only one!! Thank you again! :D

Cora said...

Thank you Nina, I appreciate your support. I am honored. Happy Anniversary!