June 28, 2009


For those who have visited my blog on a fairly regular basis, I hope you have noticed this for a few months now at the top of my blog:

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I am afraid it has been there a bit longer then I have wanted it to be, but I thought I would go ahead and share my exciting news with you. OH MY, I can't believe I am actually saying this out loud and to soo many cyber space friends...So, before I burst with excitement I just want to say that God has truly blessed me with an awesome talent in the drawing category and an awesome husband for support and encouragement. I have always love to express myself through drawing. And over the years I have done professional murals, paintings and animal portraits. Now I still love to do that but I have always wanted to do something to earn an income that I could more or less mass produce with my art and stay at home with my children. Now I know there are lots of things I could do, but since entering the paper crafting/scrapping world I just know that this is for me. So, without further jibber jabber and much bravery I am announcing to the world I am going to open my own line of photopolymer stamps! I am hoping to open with a website, so if there is anyone out there with great knowledge about that or has great input for me regarding a website I would greatly appreciate it. I have many many designs already drawn up, I have my company chosen to turn my designs into photopolymer stamps, but I am working on a budget to get started so even though I have many many designs I will only be able to produce so many in the beginning to start out with. So, I think I might be placing some designs on my blog to ask for input from all of you to help me decide which designs should go into production first as to help me in deciding what people will want. I have been around long enough to have my own idea for that, but I am sure there will be some that will be more favored then others. I will have a wide range all my own original designs; from fairies, to cute animals, to realisitic images that I feel you can use on an everyday kind of card. I will also have verses and sentiments. I will do sets and single stamps also. I should have quite the varity. I am soo excited and wish I had 5 grand to start this all out, but I don't, so starting out slow and positive I guess is not all bad. So, with all of your help I would like to start achieving a base of followers. I think I might start posting a free digi stamp once a week that you won't get in photopolymer, but I haven't gotten that all figured out yet. Starting this all up is like "which came first the egg or the chicken?" kind of thing... making me so crazy!! Although I still feel like I am moving forward in a daze. Below are 2 of my images that I have messed around with in making a card. I hope to be posting more soon, but man, 4 children, summer and working on all this my time really is consumed and busy. So, please keep checking back and please send other stampers my way once this gets up and going. I also will be looking for a design team in the future too for my site/blog. I would love to tell you my stamp company's name, but until I have that all worked out that is still top-secret..... So... sit back and eat a cupcake or something yummy and and help me spread the word once I get there....SOOOO if you made it this far I really truly appreicate all your support and encouragement!!

Here are 2 of my images I have used in making a card I gave to someone:

Since these are not actually stamps yet, these were brought into my printshop program and just printed off my computer. So REALLY, if you have any suggestions, input of what you would like to see or sizes that are your favorite or really just anything, PLEASE feel free to leave me some kind of comment and make me feel like I am alive and someone has interest in all of this except me!! ((smiling really big))

So, here's to a bright new future and a new line of original stamps from none other then little 'ole me!!


Curt in Indy said...

Nina!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! Your images are so AWESOME. You are so talented! Can't wait to see what you've done! Here's my pledge to you. . .not only will I spread the word once you have gotten started, I'll post a permanent link on my blog for you!!! I'm thrilled to be able to help in any way I can. If I had the money, I'd lend it to you, but because I am a poor unemployed slob, all I can do is give you free advertising and support ya as much as I can! I wish you all the success you deserve, and I can't wait till it's all in place! Good luck and best wishes!!!! Best, Curt

Elizabeth said...


This is wonderful news!!! I can't wait to see what you do. I would recommend though to maybe do all digi and then offer limited edition poly's. Congrats on your new venture I will be following closely to see how your new journey goes. Hugs XXX Beth

P.S. When you get enough followers you need to do a challenge blog and DT too for your digis and stamps.

Anonymous said...

i am finding so many fun blogs today while i am out tryig to network! yours is so fun! i would love to add one another as followers and link exchange! let me know if you are interested! have a great day~rach

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

WOW NINA! CONGRATULATIONS! You are so very talented, I am so so happy for you, and cant wait to use my paypal again.. hint, hint lol

Sue said...

Nina my friend I am so existed for you, your two samples look awesome, I knew you had big talent when I saw the mural you did on your lounge wall, stunning, so glad you have found your niche, Good Luck I will certainly be dropping by. Hugs Sue xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Nina,

In Sunshine's blog I think you wrote "These images are so wonderful!! I love them and I think there need to be way more boy type images... who is ever illustrating these are doing an amazing job! Keep up the great work!! I am excited to receive him!!"

Well...Thank you for the kind comments and, yes, waaay more boy type images are in my sketchpad! Thanks for your complements on my work. You ain't so bad yourself you know! So far they have been well received so I'm hopeful that things will keep rollong along for us. I'm always open to suggestions for sure. You can reach me thru my lovely wife Christina (Sunshine). She reads her blog comments to me. It's a lot of fun isn't it. I'm flattered that so many people like my crazy little drawings!

~Rob (Sunshines "DH") at http://canadairargus.blogspot.com
Now you understand the inspiration for Angus Argus! TTFN.

Unknown said...

Hi Nina,

Thanks you very much for the kind comments on my blog. I admit that I don't really know much about this whole blogging thing but I'm trying to understand ... since otherwise I would be a stamping/cardmaking/blogging widower! My paintings are all acrylic on board. I have been at it for about 30ish years (feelin' old right about now). I don't know what a digi-stamp-blog-hop is but Christina (Sunshine) does and she thinks it's a good idea. So, naturally, so do I. I am aware of Dustin's stamps but havent seem them yet. I suppose it's time to educate myself on all this eh? Your work is very good. Keep it up!
I am thrilled that I have a 3rd follower on my blog...and you're not even a blood relative!!!!! I may make a second blog with samples of my other paintings. Not sure though. My web site is www.airforceart.com if interested. See ya! Blue skies to you!

Patti J. said...

Nina, I am so anxious to shop for your stamps! Keep us posted, and let us know 'when'!!! Good luck and God Bless!