June 10, 2009

More flowers in bloom

Well, I posted some flowers a few posts back that are popping up in my gardens and in my pots around my gardens/patio. I have had some new ones pop open this week and so since the first ones were soo beautiful, I thought I would post some more. It rained this morning so the drops you see are truly from the rain. Don't forget to check out my tutorial for my paper wallet just after this posting!

Pink Calla Lilies

Pink Primrose

Avery's Dusty Miller (he planted them)

Dang.. can't remember


Tiger Lily


Bee's Balm (not quite in full bloom, will have a bright red top)

Peach Hibicus

Geraniums and Petunias

4-leaf clover plant



Flowering Bed

Amethyst Astilbe

Some kind of Lily

Rose, isn't it just lovly?

Can't remember?????

I call these buttercups, but have never known the name, because someone gave them to me

Pink Gerber Daisy

WOW... I just love color in this natural way!!


Emmy said...

OMG you have some stunning looking flowers!! Beautiful!!! Just be aware and keep a watchful eye on those roses though!! My polar bear friend seem to have migrated to warmer climates and the last report said he was heading your way. He had heard a rumor that you had some rose bushes he could sit on!! LOL (ok, better stop writing now! Other people that read this is gonna think I'm nuts!! Good thing you're equally nuts!! :P )

Tiffany said...

beautiful flowers! :)

MindyRadio said...

WOW, all of your flowers are just gorgeous.

Curt in Carmel said...

Gorgeous photos! Your flowers are breathtaking! What a garden! You can come plant some here for me anytime. I'm with you, that rose is absolutely stunning! Best, Curt