August 1, 2009

Finally, some scrapping!

It's seems like forever since I have scrapped a layout and I really wanted to participate in the Challenges for July with my ET group over at I just made the deadline too!

This lo was for the technique challenge: Scrap any subject you like, but use some packaging from any product (does not have to be scrap-related) on your layout!

Twist: In honor of Independence Day in the US, use the colors red, white and blue on the layout for an extra 10 points!

My repackaging was that little black tag that says "My moments" it is a Wal-mart packaging that had little black bow ties in it. Not much, but it worked. This is a picture of Rachel and Avery many years ago after swimming and Avery was super tired and wanted his sissy. It's one of my favorite pics of them.

This next challenge was our JULY BOM CHALLENGE, which I love to participate in because it's a all about me, which I personally hate to scrap, but nice to have them after I have accomplished them! I really liked this idea; it was:

Scrap A List!!
Scrap a list of things that mean something in your life, and use pics that correspond to things on your list. Could be places you'd like to visit, your "Bucket List", a list of your favorite things, people, tv shows, etc.--whatever you like, as long as it's a list!

I personally love this statement "It's not having what you want; it's wanting what you've got" in the song by Sheryl Crow, "Soak up the sun". I think if we really lived this way we would surely see how truly we are blessed in our daily lives. So, my list are of things that I already have and feel very blessed to hold. My list was: Faith, Freedom, Love, Family, Good Friends, Good Health, Place to Call Home, My Girlfriends

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So, in the meantime... Soak up the sun..... and rock on!


Patti J. said...

Love your pages! I simply MUST get some scrapping done one of these days! lol!!!

Curt in Indy said...

These are both great challenges, and you did them perfectly. Love the list one, very clever challenge! Best, Curt