March 7, 2011

Magical Monday - Sketch Challenge & turning 50!

This week over at the Paper Cupcakes Challenge Blog Patti Painter brings us this weeks challenge which was a great sketch. I love sketches and should use them more often. I used the image "Text Me; Hugs & Kisses" by Paper Cupcakes. I colored it with my Bic Mark-its. I also used some borders that my mom punched out of some of her Martha Stewart punches as well as my Fiskers punch. I used my white Signo pen by Uni-ball. Which I might add that I love love love and if you have never had a white pen I would highly suggest you buy this one. I love to doodle with it. The rest I think you can figure out.

I also hit a milestone in my life and turned the big "50"! It really doesn't bother me much, mainly because I feel so blessed and look at it as only a number. I don't have to worry about such silly things I have no control over such as age. Eric brought me home 50+ roses on Friday when he arrived home from work. They were just beautiful and they started to open up and so I thought I would share a picture of them with you. Aren't the divine?

Saturday, which was my actual birthday we got up early and helped my sister move all day up until about 4:00PM. It was a rainly drizzly day to move, but for the most part it was good. I spent time with my family and also got to eat birthday pizza during the move. We left from her new destination and headed downtown where Eric booked us a room for the night at the Hyatt. We cleaned up and then headed out to Capital Grill for a yummy and fancy dinner. We then went back and changed into something more comfortable and then headed back out to our favorite dance spot Ike & Jonesys to dance the night away and then came back to our room and crashed! Slept in and then we ate lunch at Panaro Bread before heading back home. I must say I had an awesome birthday. It was a wonderful way to bring in my 50's. I have to laugh though on Friday in the mail I received "TWO" AARP cards that I tossed in the trash. I always use to give Eric a hard time every time he received that mail, now I am getting it. Then I also received an assisted living brochure! OK... I am only 50, although I guess I could use a little more assistance around here!! LOL....

Well, needless to say I am tired today and I will be heading for bed shortly after 10:00PM this evening. I am sure I will crash.

So, to anyone that stops by tell me what you think of my card or just drop me a hi and tell me you stopped by; I love to hear from y'all! Make it a joyful day!


Jessie said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Nina! x

Toni said...

Hi Hon, Love your card and the colors. Aren't you glad I punched all those pretty designs out! They really add to the card. Love the red on the black. Love the roses Eric got you. Sounds like you had a good time, even with all the moving you did. Was good to see everyone Saturday. Let's hope that will be the last time we move Karen for some time.

Flutterby Trina said...

Hey ya, those flowers are beautiful! Just so you know there is a little something on my blog for you! Hope you like it!


CraftinGranny said...

Sounds like a fab celebration with your hubby and the roses are beautiful. As for the AARP card, it saves you a lot of money on different things. I wish I'd started using mine a lot sooner. Their auto insurance is the best on the market and we went from $1600 a year for max coverage to $800 a year for the same coverage on all 3 vehicles.

Love the card and I'm going to check into one of those pens. Perfect for a teenage BD. "Hugs"

Patti P. said...

First of all....lovely card and I am glad that you enjoy a sketch challenge. I am so glad you had a great birthday...beautiful flowers,dinner and dancing, Eric did everything up just right. I started getting all the age appropriate ads last summer, now I am just waiting until I get my discounts. LOL. Have a great Sunday.