June 25, 2012

Magical Monday - Let's Get Together

The challenge this week is "Let's Get Together" at the Paper Cupcake's Challenge Blog; There's Magic In The Air.

This week Carroll Davis brings us our challenge and since summer time is party time, she wanted us to make an invitation to any type of party. It could be a barbecue, cocktail party, baby or wedding shower, birthday party (child or adult), pool party or just a get together to have FUN!

I chose the image "July Celebration; with flag" by Paper Cupcakes. I have never seen this image colored in before, so I wanted to use it. I think this was perfect for a July celebration. I colored the image with colored pencils and used a light blue copic around the edges of the image. I made a triple tier slider card which you can find the instructions HERE. It really is not too hard. I have made this type card only one other time and once you make it the first time, it is fairly easy the next. I love how it slides open. I decided to keep this element free for the most part to keep it as flat as possible thinking you would most likely mail this type of invite. Although this is a mock invitation and I could have bulked it up, but decided not to.  We really are not having a BBQ on the 4th! So, don't be disappointed if you aren't invited; no one really is!

Well, that is it for me for today in regards to card making.  Today and yesterday have been frustrating days.  Went to a baby shower and when I arrived back home to work on my blog postings for the main blog my computer sent up all the bells and whistles for warnings and virus and telling me if I go any further I could crash my computer and so on.  I couldn't access anything and luckily a kind hearted friend took my computer and fixed it, but it took hours and I got it back late last night.  Then this morning I couldn't unzip things and had to call him to find I had to do a few little things, no biggie really, but then I went to blow dry my hair after my shower and blew a fuse to half the house.  And of course the half that had my internet service and my computer.  So, I started to string extension cords and finally got my internet back so I could work on this and then I realized my frig/freezer was off in the garage,  Well, it's been in the 90's so I didn't want that to stay off.  So, I called my neighbor to come look at our fuse box.  Now, I can flip some switches when it comes to this, I do know what to do, but the fuses where hanging out of the box when I flipped them over so I was scared to touch them as being horrified I would be electrocuted!  So, Carl came over and guess what, he shut down all the power!  Which meant I had to get my internet all back on.  I think my wireless box is on it's way out so I had to wiggle things and hold my head just right to get it to work today.  Needless to say it took hours which turned into all day.  I was stressed and then my daughter told me at 5:40 she had to be to play practice at 6:00 which is a good 1/2 hour away and my postings were not completed.  :o(    I know... it really all could have been way worst and it really is small matter in the big picture of things, but I am telling you, I was stressed and still am!  Here it is 11:30 and I am working on a post that should have posted at 6:00.  

Moral of the story is:  don't procrastinate!!!  Because when you do, you usually end up with a day like this!

Well on the up side, I am thinking that tomorrow will be much better, yes it will!!



ddazzled71 said...

Oh Nina you definitely have had a rough day. Its funny because there has been similar things going on the blink here and elsewhere when I have spoken to friends. I brought a new cutting machine, only to find it wouldn't work and yesterday it was freezing here so I got out the new fan heater I brought for my craft room on Sunday only to find that after about two minutes it stopped working.....lol. Your triple slider card is just gorgeous and I love the image, water melon is such a wonderful summer icon and your little patriotic fellow sitting on it is just adorable. Keep smiling, as it will pass and tomorrow is a new day! xx