August 7, 2012

Magical Monday - Doily

Well, here we are at the beginning of another week. We lost our power for 2 days and just got it back on last night. Needless to say we are a spoiled society and we take so much for granted. It is good to be back to the norm. We borrowed a generator from my parents and since we didn't have air we had a fan going in the front room. Avery and I slept on the floor Sunday night and remind me the next time that I am too old to sleep on the floor without any kind of air mattress!! Although he was so cute and kept telling me how much fun he had, so I guess a little bit of soreness was all worth it! Running a little behind because of no access to the Internet, but here is the challenge for this week for Paper Cupcakes. Angie Gittles brings us the challenge this week and she wanted us to use a doily. I don't use them much on cards, but I do love the look of them on cards. I just don't think to go there. I ran out to the dollar store and picked up a package. I really wanted a smaller one, but they only had the larger ones so I picked out an 8 inch package. I let the doily pretty much cover the whole background of my card.

I used the "Teddy bear Sunday" image three times and colored it like a neapolitan ice cream adding the light green rhinestones also made me think of some yummy spumoni ice cream.  I keep this card really clean and simple.  I colored my image with my colored pencils and added some glossy accents on the syrup on the bears as well as the cherries and then once dry I added some stickles on the cherries, but that is hard to see in these pics.  I added the pretty red ribbon and bow to set it all off. 
You can find the challenge at the Paper Cupcake's Challenge Blog; There's Magic In The Air HERE.

With everything so dry and with the drought in Indiana everything is drying and dying so early and things are going to seed quickly.  That is the case with my cone flowers this year.  I have not been watering a lot since everything was close to dead when I got back from vacation.  Anyway.... since my cone flowers are going to seed they have been attracting the goldfinches to my cone flowers.  So I decided to sit not far from where I kept seeing them land and attempted to get some pictures of them so I could do a few watercolors of them.  Here are a few pictures I got that I thought where pretty good pictures.

In the picture below this little birdie was singing.... it's song was so beautiful and lovely to watch.

In this picture below he is looking right at me.

Have a beautiful day and make sure you take time to see the beautiful things that are all around you in the small things we tend to take for granted sometimes.    These goldfinches were just that.  They brought a lot of joy to my day and it felt good to sit in the sun and capture part of this beauty in still to enjoy and to maybe paint at a later date.  Thanks for lurking by and seize the day with some joy!


Kathy Bradley said...

I love your card, Nina - it made me smile and also think about ice cream. It really is so very adorable and your doily looks awesome. The pics of the goldfinches are awesome - I love the one where the goldfinch is singing!! TFS

wannabcre8tive said...

Your card is just adorable. I love it.
Glad you have power again, we are spoiled, but I like it.

ddazzled71 said...

Hi Nina, isn't it funny how it isn't until we have to do without that we realise just how much we do take for granted. Hopefully the heat was bearable for you without electricity. My favorite icecream growing up was Neopolitan so your card took me back and I am loving the interesting background the way you have used the doiley creates to your card. Those gold finches are gorgeous, and I hope you share your watercolor creations of them too! Its funny as I was talking about all the beautiful birds in my garden yesterday too! Have a great week.
Danie xx