June 4, 2008

Hidden journaling, Stamping, doodling and demension

One thing I love is hidden journaling. The row of numbers you see in the second picture from here is just that; hidden journaling. If you pull up, out comes a tag for journaling. You can just about place hidden journaling anywhere. I usually do a lot of it behind the picture. Which in this layout is a tag that pulls out. I also like to hide it book like where you flip the picture up/open and it is hidden underneath. The stamp set is Close to my Heart. The other stamp I have here is in the above picure with the butterflies/clocks and and the clock piece in the layout is stamped also and cut out. See how stamping adds a small piece of the demension along with the cardstock and buttons. I love adding stamping to a lot of different things. Cards, lo's, Artist trading cards. It is a way to help bring demension to things and a different technique that can be quick and easy. Around the edges I doodled which is something I have been doing since I was a child. I even won first place in gradeschool for a doodlly (is that a word? LOL) kind of piece of art work. So I have been doodling a long time. If you have never gave it a try, try starting out on just paper and messing around and once you find a confort level, try it on something you are creating. It's a lot of fun and adds fun to your page too!