June 4, 2008

"The Swing" layouts - and hidden journaling

These are layouts of my three children. This disk swing has been around for a long time and I have watched each one of my children play on this swing for numerous hours. I have seen them take their first solo flight and have seen many tears shed while learning the social skills of learning to share and take turns. This first layout is my oldest daughter when she was about 3. She is now 17 and still swings on it! The middle layout is my youngest daughter just last summer and the last layout is my youngest son last summer also.

I talk a lot about hidden journaling in the next couple of post on different layouts. On all three of these layout is hidden journaling. On the first one you pull the pink ribbons out of the side of the picture and there is a tage that slides out and there is the journaling. On the second layout the picture on the right side with the ribbon on it lifts up or opens like a book and reveals the hidden journaling. On my son's layout the picture in the bottom left corner does the same thing. When ever I do this kind of hidden journaling I usually just take 2 pieces of the same color cardstock and cut them about 1/2 x 1/2 and the fold them in half and place them on the inside and glue them like hindges. One side onto the matted picture side and the other side onto the layout. Then I usually cute a smaller piece of cardstock or paper that is just a bit smaller then the picture it is going under and glue it in the inside part of the layout to journal on. For the most part the journaling is on the right side when you open the picture up and then I will usually add another picture on the left side inside so I have a hidden picture in there too. Sorry I did not take a photo of that. I promise to the next time I do this and I do it a lot! So if you have never tried hidden journaling, of course, give it a try!


Lacey said...

I love the swing lo's. I mark Kylee's height every so often on her bedroom wall. Its been almost a year and half since i've been doing that. When we move (hopefully next year) I will take a picture of it. I remember the one I had at my house growing up. It was in the closet... I wonder if its still there?