December 29, 2008

YIKES..... my baby's first buzz!!

This is a layout I did of Avery after he's first hair buzz. I swore I would never, ever ever give my little boy a hair buzz... I sooo love hair on little boys, I mean buzzes look cute on other little boys, but on my little boy I always wanted hair! BUT Avery sooo wanted a buzz this past summer and I kept putting him off and finally I could see how truly badly he really wanted one and I gave in. I just about cried afterwards because he looked soo totally different and a little more grown up too. But you can tell by the joy in his face he was delighted with the end result. Good thing no one had a camera on mom, my face was not quite as joyful!! But hair does grow and he now has a full head of hair once again.... who knows what this next summer holds! I made my big bee by paper piecing it and it's face probably looks like mine did after the cut! LOL....