April 7, 2008

Rolodex Quote Card

I love quotes. I am working on having a full Rolodex full of scraped quote cards. I love reading them and being inspired by them. A funny one can bring me joy and I love incorporating them into my layouts and cards. Here is one I made for spring. I simply cut my main card stock the size of a large Rolodex card or you can work right off a Rolodex card. I attached the pattern paper, did my typeset in Printshop Delux. I tore some paper for under the bow and punched some holes and added my ribbon. My butterfly is from a program from "Big Little Tree" called "Wings and Flowers" . The butterfly gives it a 3-D effect which I just love. I inked my card with the words and added a line of sequins.


I love color and my work usually has a lot of color in it. There are a lot of people out there really scared of color or scared of using too much or too many colors at one time. I say be adventurous! As long as you have a balance it works!

This layout was actually a challenge from a group that I am in a sb.com. We were suppose to use one thing out of the trash and up to five non-scrappy items and some bling (which is shiny in the scrappy world). My item out of the trash was a little metal handle that came off a plastic box. It is on the end of my tag that holds the hidden journaling under my top picture. I have placed raffia on it and gave it a unique look. I actually used 2 things out of the trash. My other item was a yellow circle I punched out of a gift bag that was in my daughter's trashcan from her birthday. I used it to make the center of my flower on the far right in the blue area. My non-traditional items were 1. Red bread twisty - holding my blue button on the tag 2. Yellow raffia - (on tag handle and sewn at the bottom of page. 3. Washers (I painted and then covered with Stickles) the red & blue ones are hidden within the flowers and one red one in the center of the yellow flower I made in the blue area and then the green ones are under those hard little yellow flowers w/ blue centers on the bottom right. Aren't they so pretty! :O) kind of hard to see those are washers! 4. Blue Grip-it Liner - it is the small scallop at the top of the title and also the blue strip at the bottom right that the green washers/yellow flowers are on top of. 5. Those hard yellow flowers on my green washers and one green & yellow at the top of the mix/trail of flowers... they were from the bead section for little girls. 6. postage stamp from Malaysia, from my friend Irene (thanks Irene). 7. Sequins .

Here is a close up of the beginning of the flower trail. You can see the postage stamp I added for interest (thanks Irene) and this also shows you the blue and red washers hidden amongst the flowers for interest too. Don't be afraid to add things just for interest!

I just loved how these washers turned out. These are the green ones. I placed plastic yellow flowers on top of them (the yellow flowers I found in the the little girl bead section of Wal-mart). The washers I painted, then covered them with Stickles of the same color once they were dry. My green ones I actually used a more clear glittery color. Once they dried they were so pretty. I will be using more painted washer with Stickles in future layouts.

Here is a closer look at the flower where I made the center from the yellow gift bag. I just punched a large circle, crumpled the paper, cut the petals and then I inked it with Tim Holtz's fired brick. The red center in the washer I painted red, let dry and then cover with red Stickles... gotta love that Stickles if you haven't tried them, you should. I used a beautiful babbled brad and then placed sequins around the washer, then placed it on top of a soft flower. I really like the exotic look to the overall flower.

If you see something on pattern paper that you just love, cut it out and use it like a die cut. That is exactly what I did with this flourish. I could have stamped this, but because the color matched the title colors so well, I just cut it out and jazzed it up with a white signo uni-ball pen. I love to doodle and if you have never used one of these white pens you must have one, they are really opaque and hold their white color; I would be lost with out mine!

OK.. so what is in your trash that you can use? Here is that metal handle that was in my trash that was on top of a plastic box. I took it off and now it has a great look to it as the pull to my hidden journaling tag. Here I took some yellow raffia and looped it around the handle part and then I attached it to the tag. Is that a bread twisty I see there? Yep, it sure is... strung it through my button and twisted it right onto my handle... now how cute it that? :O) Don't be afraid to try something new or pull something out of the trash.... LOL.. you never know how well it might look on your next layout!

Sewing is such the craze right now, so why not think outside the box. Here I have pre-punched some small holes across the bottom of my strip of paper and then I sewed with yellow raffia. It gave me just the look I wanted. I taped the ends on the back of the paper to hold them in place then I attached the paper to my layout.