February 4, 2009

Domino Necklaces

I stumbled upon this site "The Enchanted Gallery" one night doing "stumble upon" and fell in love with it. I was intrigued with the art and also the thought of making jewelry out of dominos. I guess there are a lot of people out there making them. So I did a simple one to start out with and I made these to give as a small gift to each woman that is going through a retreat this weekend. I will be there working behind the scenes the whole weekend and Saturday night is a banquet type meal that is candle light and is awesome so I made these to put at every place setting for the women. I thought it was a lot of fun to do and then just give away. Since they were soo simple by design they really did not take me that long to make I made them all in a day and that was at two different sittings. I started with a domino that I bought at Toy's R US, I used a fairly cheap bead for the top part to use like a bail to thread the cord through (the one posted has a chain, but I will be using black hemp on all the rest. The glue I used was E-6000. Kimberly has this all posted in great detail on her blog/site so you should go check it all out and look at her stamps as well. I ordered some and can't wait to put them to use on some of these for Christmas gifts. But, anyway... I made 70 of these and I used Tim Holtz alcohol inks and blending solution and used like 3-4 different colors. I stamped my heart shape with a permanent ink and then I wrote the word Love on them. I then sprayed them with an sealer and then I went back and gold embossed them and added the rhinestone with the same glue. I have never used that glue before and believe me it is a strong glue. If you want to see more domino necklaces do a search or go to Esty there are a ton out there... who would have ever guessed that? Not me! but maybe I am just clueless! LOL... I think I will only be using about 50 of them so if anyone would like to purchase one let me know... I will let you have it for 10.00 or maybe I will give a few away as some blog candy!! LOL.. maybe that will get someone to leave a message on my blog!! Well, anyways, I plan on making more, but have them a little more artsy fartsy flair to them. So, stay tuned and who knows when the next one will appear! Thanks for stopping by and looking! oh... and the Kimberly's blog/site link is linked to this post title or you can find that blog on my side bar!


Kim Dellow said...

Oh wow, how busy have you been. Lovely. Kim

Nancy said...

Holy cow...you made SEVENTY of these?! They are very pretty, and I love all the detail. I think that E-6000 could glue a horse to the ground! I used it on some beads I attached to a pair of jeans and everything is still attached, even after going through the washer and dryer. :)

Lacey said...

those are so pretty!!