April 6, 2009

Welcome our family additions!!

((OK...)) I know what you are thinking! Are you kidding me? Nope I am not kidding you! So, I realize that all you House Mouse Stamp lover's probably really do not adore real mice, although you might adore those stamps, but truly these aren't mice, they're rats!! LOL... now isn't that a bit better!! Well, we have had rats and mice both as pets over the years, but we tend to lean towards the rats mainly now, because they are bigger so if one gets loose, they are a bit easier to locate!! ((((HAHAHA))) So, REALLY I am not sure how to convinence you that mice and rats are really super sweet, but THEY ARE! I have to admit to kissing many a rats and crying when we have lost one. Well, we have lost all our other rats, not in the house hehe but to rat heaven. So, my oldest dear daughter asked if she could go buy Avery an Easter Rat! Now isn't that just the cutest and the sweetest! LOL... So, maybe it's because I have been doing these house mouse challenges lately, that I folded and said sure. Now, here is where the problem came in. I sent my 18 year old and my 12 year old dear daughters to the pet store by themselves with the intention to purchase only one rat, well, upon their arrival home they unveiled 3! Of course they gave me the big ole spill that they saved their little lives, because they were in the feeder rats bin!! Which I guess I totally don't get. These rats are fancy hooded rats, which are raised to be pets... but I guess the snakes don't really care...so of course once I seen those cute little whisker faces, I totatlly fell in love with them!! LOL... So let me introduce you to these 3 lovely ladies!

This is Athena, isn't she just mystical!

This is Rocket, fast and speedy! ((also known as X-ray)) LOL

And this is Louise, a little old fashion, but modern!

Rats really do make delightful pets. I would have a rat any day over a hamster or gerbil and we have had them all. They are smart, truly interactive and we have never had one with a bad attitude or that was hard to handle and we have NEVER been bitten by one. They have all been super sweet. Rachel even had a hairless rat once, now I am not so sure how lovely in looks she was, but she was super sweet and very loving! Well, thats my exiting news for today, so have a rat-tat-tatty kind of day and SMILE; maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you an Easter Rat too!! hehehehehehe


MindyRadio said...

You crack me up with your rats....lol But these actually don't look as scary as I thought they would.

Scatter said...

They are adorable, I notice that the very next post is the Italian Sausage Sandwiches. Any chance you have your very own Rattatooie in the bunch? ;)

Nancy said...

Cute little critters! My kids had gerbils and loved playing with them.