April 10, 2009

OH MY! these are the cutest Paper Cupcakes

Well, what can I say I still have cupcake's on the mind!! I found these videos while stumbling around the net this morning... mindless I say... but what can I say, I love just looking around and stumbling across things, heaven knows I don't have nearly the time to make all this nor the brain space to keep all the information I find interesting tucked away for later use that is fun, full of nonsense and mind building, so thank goodness I have this blog to place stuff on, plus I love to share all the fun finds such as these! I think I might find time to make some too, sometime!! I think these would be a great craft ideas for a little older child! How fun to maybe make these at a child's birthday party? Lots of fun things come to mind.. so watch the video and I am sure it will inspire you to make one too!! Make sure you watch both videos, because the end result for each is way different, but they are both super cute!!