September 22, 2009


What happened to all my people in my followers box??? I don't get it, I haven't touched my settings, and other people's blogs still have followers in their box of followers and other's don't; like mine? The amount still reflects on my dashboard, but their faces and links aren't there either???? Can someone inlighten me with some knowledge there? Thanks!!


sari said...

the same thing happens on my blog.... hmmm maybe just blogger acting up...=)

Patti J. said...

I agree with Sari. There are days that I'm tempted to switch to wordpress or typepad for the silly issues that blogger keeps having. Good luck! Hope they come back! You might go into your settings and just be sure you haven't changed something there accidentally!

1CardCreator said...

I had the same problem earlier, but they came back. I must be just a temporary glitch. Don't worry, even if you can't see us we can still see you!lol ~Diane