March 13, 2009

Some More Domino Pieces...

Here are some more pieces I made from dominos. I have to say I have never made any type of jewelry before or any kind of pieces. I find that these are a lot of fun and leave a lot of room for such a tiny piece for creativity! They truly are a miniture piece of art with wire and beads. I will be selling these so if you see one you would love to have leave me a message or send me an email and I will get back with you. I promise that I will be back with some instructions and pics as with the how to's. Thanks for looking and leave me a post to tell me what you think? Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog and I ALWAYS love to receive posts/luvins from you all!!

This last one I flipped the domino the other direction and I actually used a paper bead there too. The paper bead is sealed with an acrylic sealer too so it is not soo soft. Thanks for stopping by!

March 9, 2009

Domino Necklaces

Here is a fun thing to be creative with if you love jewelry or know someone that loves jewelry that would love to receive a unique handmade piece. I stumbled upon domino necklaces while "Stumble Upon"ing on evening and instantly knew I wanted to give my hand a try at these. I thought they would make wonderful gifts for anyone that enjoys wearing jewelry. If you have read my blog at all you seen the 70 domino necklaces I made for a women's retreat. They were quite a bit more simple, but simple is nice (you can see those here). I made these this past week. I really wanted to incorporate beads and wire into them. This first one I made as a demo for my friend Mindy, she asked if I would make her an Asian inspired one in red. Well, I am not sure how Asian it looks, but I think it turned out pretty grand. I stated off with drilling holes through the domino so I had a way of attaching the wire. I then added the alcohol inks which dry really fast on these. I then stamped a small flourish with a archival ink which is permanent. I drew the little flowers which is what I think makes it kind of Asian (hehe what do you think Minday?) and added some small doodling with some dots. Then I heat embossed some gold around the edges and then let that cool. I then sprayed it with a glaze. Then added my wire and beads.

This one I started the same way with the drilling, really no reason in the drilling the holes, I just drilled where I thought I might want to run some wire through. Then I used a denim and eggplant alcohol inks. Once that was dry I used a part of a stamp to emboss the swirls in silver and then added my beads and rhinestone. This necklace I did not seal, so not sure what that means. I wore this one to church yesterday and received lots of compliments on it. It looks great on a short cord necklace with a white shirt and blue jeans!

This one is really simple and I just stamped it in a permanent ink and then colored it with my mark-it bic markers. I sealed it with an acrylic spray and then added the small rhinestones. I thought she was a bit different and love that stamp.
The stamps I used for this stamp and the swirls I bought from The Enchanted Gallery/Blog She has some really unique ones and makes them just the right size for the domino's. Plus she has a lot of good information within her sites. I will be back some time to do a step by step of how I did mine. So, not sure when that will be, but I promise to be back to give you some pics and some how to's.

So thanks for stopping by today and now I must fly to the grocery store, ahhhh the pit falls of life!