July 15, 2010

Extra, Extra... Read all about it..........

Wow, what can I say, but time just does not stand still or slow down for me! These days have just flown by!

First I want to say good-bye to some of my designers that needed a break or needed to move. I have felt very blessed to have had all these wonderfully talented ladies share with us over these months. BIG thanks goes out to Kim McDonald, Olga Jewell, Selma Stevenson and Sue Walsh! I will truly miss your beautiful works of art here on my blog, but everyone can still check out their blogs! You can find all the past designer's blog links on my side bar over at TMITA/PCC.

Now let's welcome a new set of wonderfully talented ladies as well as our new Designer's to our team:

Amber Hillman
Dru Cabral
Gloria Westerman
Patti Painter
Marie Bridgeman
Melanie Newby

and the rest of our team:

Jessie Fitz Henry
Nilla Berglie
Patti Nelson
Pat Pedder

I feel very blessed to have all these talented ladies!!

Some of these ladies will be joining us this coming Monday and everyone will be here on July 26th, so don't miss out! Like I said our challenges will resume Monday, July 19th.

So you wonder what I have been doing all this time away. Well, I have been working really hard and I decided I needed to have a "Tea Party" with all my friends out there in cyber space! So I have planned for August 11th (not July 28th I have changed my date, I needed to wait for all the tea to arrive) something you won't want to miss out on! A "Tea Party Blog Hop"! The hop will be showcasing new images made just for this hop... just for your personal viewing and of course they are all "Tea Party" related! How fun is that? AND not only that.... Each blog will have a sketch on it as well so plan on attending/hopping our "Tea Party, Sketch Blog Hop"!

Also, on a down note regarding the Paper Cupcake site. We are experencing some major difficulities with the check out and purchasing when it comes to being Global. I have received several notices of not being able to check out. Please know we are working on this diligently. We have been working on this for about 2 weeks now and needless to say it is very frustrating. We are hoping it will be working soon

Alrighty, Now don't forget to tune back in on this coming Magical Monday July 19th when we will be back in the swing of things! Now I must head for bed, because 1:11 seems like a great number to head that way! ((ugh... not really)

OK.. Thanks for stopping by and have a Magical Day!