November 14, 2008

I don't DO fashion - I AM fashion

I did this lo is for the Eiffel Tower October BOM Challenge - A Childhood Photo or Memory Create a layout using a childhood photo of yourself. If you really and truly do not have one, then scrap about something in your childhood. A memory, a favorite .. whatever. How about a school photo? Points - 25. Twist: Use your favorite colors on this layout and mention what those favorite colors are somewhere on the layout and earn another 10 points!! Deadline: Oct. 1 thru Oct. 31 ok... this is kind of a odd and wild lo!! LOL.. and I am not sure I really even like the lo itself... but I do like the title, picture and journaling! :O) just not the design!!! LOL ok.. we know we all have em! Journaling reads: Well, I certainly had fashion back then OR at least I thought I did! I received this cool outfit for my birthday. It was my favorite thing to wear during that time. I thought it was so cool and pretty; as well as thinking I was so cool and pretty while wearing it! I loved that yellow and green color together. It was so cheery. Notice that even my pony tail bands match my green in the pants. I have to laugh because I am still that way when it comes to matching things. I believe I am in 7th grade here. I was in love with green back then and had a green metallic 10 speed bike also. I am not sure green would be my first choice as my "favorite color" today, but I still do love a good green. To be honest, I don't think I could really narrow any color down to "my favorite" color today. So of course, I must just go with I love them all for different reasons and different uses. I guess I am just a rainbow kind of girl !