November 15, 2008

Mr. Picasso Head

ok... this is a fun little site that my daughter sent me a link to. I could sit here and create fun things on here for some time, just the creative side of me. These are some pieces of art I created at my first sitting! The top one is titled "Wine, Turkey?" and the other two "Tears of a Clown" and "Dreaming in Red" ... LOL.. well you have to name your art work! The site is called Mr. Picassohead... the link is After I created these 2 pieces of art, I spent some time looking around at the other art created there... there was some really fun and cool things as well as some really strange things... lol.. but what do you expect from Picasso? I am going back and I think I am going to use these to create some fun and unique note cards, after all it is my original art. I thought how cool is that!?! For one, I most likely wouldn't have created something this unique on my own, and even though you are limited from what you have to choose from it still seems endless as you look through the gallery. You will see how different and unique every one's art is.... it was a lot of fun so go discover the Picasso head in you!! :O)