January 23, 2009

Do you want to make a unique personal Artist Trading Card?

Well, if you do you might want to read this. This is the picture I started out with. It is a recent picture of me and the base to all the ATC's that follow in this post. If you read further down I will tell you how I did them... Enjoy and if you do some link them back to me I would love to see them!

Here is the picture that I worked from after I did the following. I did this in Printshop 23 Deluxe. First I just brought in my picture that I wanted to work with. Turned it into a black and white image. Then I went into photo tools and adjusted the color. I turned my Gamma all the way to 100 which lightened it quite a bit. Then I also adjusted the brightness so it lightened it a bit more. Then I saved it and then I went into Effects and applied a special effect. I chose the cloud one which made it look like this. Then I printed off several of them just measuring under 3.5/2.5. Then I just took my black millenium pen and outlined the main parts of my face and then I just got creative and did my designs. I colored my designs with my Mark-it markers by bic. I also added some glittery chalks and still need to add a little more embellishments to them before I call them complete. I think I will try some more with a differnt face position or use one of my children's faces. I am going to have fun making some more of these! Below are all the ones I am working on right now......