January 23, 2009

Ok... although I still need to add some embellishments to these I was soo excited about how much fun I had making these that I had to show them off before they were completely finished. I will post them when they are completely done. These were a lot of fun to make and they are definately one of a kind, lol, all with my face! How fun is that? These would also be a great fun project for any child that has that creative side to them. So, if you come by and see these and want to trade an ATEO I have some of these for trade so just leave a message here or leave me your email I would love to trade.


Emmy said...

Girlie, your talent is mind blowing!! Your drawing skills are just unbelievable!! I couldn't make atc's like this even if I wanted to!! I love how you made them all so different too!!
They look like a lot of work!!
You did wonderful!

MindyRadio said...

Oh Nina, you dog you!!! LOL These are so stinkin' cute!!!!