January 22, 2009

Freebie Digi Scrap Kits By Stef

Well, I thought I would share some great freebie digi kits with you from Steph Scraps blog. She designs these herself and would love to have some traffic come through. So I am giving her a plug here, plus we all get an extra add-on if 10 people place a link to her blog, so go check her out and if you love what you see, and you will, link her! Her link is in my side bar under "Places I Love To Hang" or click on this title. Although I don't digi scrap, I just kind of mess around in it right now, it is all kind of new to me, I do love to downloads her kits and a few others because some day I will sit down and make a digi layout. I might just try this new kit out and do one, if I do, I will post it here and give Steph all the credit. He blog also has some more great links to other digi blogs. So, if you are a digi scrapper make sure you check them out, they are great eye candy!


Stef said...

Thanks for leaving this plug and a link to my blog! I'm waiting to see if ten people will link to my blog, in that case I will share the freebie with the world. If this doesn't happen before the end of next week, I'll make sure you still receive the add-on!
You have some georgious work on your blog. Make sure to try some digi-scrapping, it's so easy to do if you have little time, cause it doesn't involve any cleaning up ;)

Love and thanks so much again! I'll be back soon!

Stef said...

PS: I'll leave a link to your blog on mine aswell.