June 3, 2009

Mother Day Cards

These are the mother day cards I made this year... needless to say with graduation and open house I am a bit behind in posting these. This first one I seen over at split coast stampers. I could not find any kind of template or tutorial on how to make it over there, so I thought I would make my own. So, just so you know this is not my original idea and do not claim it as mine. To be honest if there is an original template out there, I do not know who gets credit for it, but this one I made on my own by just viewing the other's in the gallery. If you would like your own template that I made you can find it if you click on the title post. That should take you to the flower pot template with the instructions on how I made mine. I did use a fiskars border punch long the pot rim to add a little decorative touch. So if you download my template and make a card, please give me credit for it. You can size it too to make a smaller pot if you like too! I think this turned out super cute and found out later that my mom at first couldn't figure out how to "open it"... LOL... I didn't think she wouldn't know to just pull on the flowers, so one might all "pull up" on the back side! :O)

This picture is what the card looks like once you pull the sentiment piece out of the pot.

These are the other cards I made:

Since when I make cards, I pretty much ALWAYS use my own idea and design. So I have decided to go to my printship program and everytime I make a card I am going to make a sketch for that card to post too. I figure there are a lot of people that use these and love to have a base to start their idea out with. So, today I made these two sketches to post with my two cards. So keep coming back because I will try to post a card sketch every week. I think I will look at my lo's too and do some layout ones also! I have never done this before, but found it to be easy so why not? Hope these sketches help some of you out. I also would love to have the credit if you use one with a link back to my blog as well as seeing your card from the sketch too!!

thanks for stopping by today!


Nilla said...

Wow, lovely cards, the top one, the pot is stunning! Well done! Hugs Nilla

Curt in Indy said...

You are one talented girl, you know that??? Your sketches are some of the best I've seen anywhere, and for you to create the flower pot card on your own just looking at pictures just amazes me! I bow to your talent!!! Best, Curt

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT FLOWER POT CARD!! Awesome! And how funny with the sketches!But yours are a bit more sofisticated than mine!Love them!

Leigh Anne said...

LOVE the flower pot card!
hehe that you mom didn't figure it out :) those are the most invloved sketches I've seen, ou even have the bows :) and butterflies