January 24, 2009

My FIRST Digital Layout!

OK... this is my very first complete digital layout that I have liked. I thought since I have been collecting digi stuff, I should at least give it a try. I did love making this, no mess to clean up, but I also love to just get my hands on things to and make that mess regardless of cleanup, if you know what I mean. I thought since I was giving Stephanie a plug on her freebie kit, I should at least try it out and show ya what you can do. Now even though this layout has a lot of her kit in it, I still used some other kits and mixed them. I just wanted a little splash of another color (I am so like that) so I pulled in some elements from another kit called "Spontaneous Delight" by Shally Princess @ http://www.shabbyprincess.com. I do love how this turned out and the only thing I would suggest when making kits from my first time user perspective is add ribbon or fibers! I love love love ribbon and fibers, but that is just me, but I kept wanting to put some ribbons on here and had a hard time looking for some in my downloads. Which brings me to another question? How does one organize their digi scrappin downloads to keep them organized and know where stuff is?? By seperate files for paper, embellishments, ect? If you have any great suggestions there for me, leave me a note, I sure could use some! Also, for my picture I took it into my photo editing and changed the color to match the papers and also added some distress to it, which looks great on this layout. So, be brave and mess with youe photos too and try different things out there. Thanks for looking and remember to stop by Stef's blog and link it to yours! If you like what you see, just click on my title to this post and it will take you directly to her blog! Enjoy and tell her Nina sent you!


MindyRadio said...

Congrats Nina on your first complete digi. It turned out gorgeous!